No one should wait a lifetime
for life-changing medicine.

It’s time for a better way to develop drugs—for everyone.

Creating new medicines requires hundreds of millions of dollars, often over decades. For all diseases, this is an unsustainable model of care. For rare diseases, this investment can be seen as prohibitively high for the relatively small patient population. Oligonucleotide-based medicines (OBMs), with a history of nearly four decades, is the ideal modality to solve this problem. Creyon Bio is determined to build a faster, more cost-effective path to new medicines that can be delivered to patients in time to make a difference, ultimately building toward a future where these medicines could even be created on demand. Our efforts release OBM technologies from inefficient traditional drug discovery processes and create the future of drug development we have all long imagined – safe, effective precision medicines delivered to the right cells at the right time.