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About Creyon Bio

Creyon Bio sees that today’s drug development process means too many patients are left waiting a lifetime too long for life-changing therapies. Creyon is reimagining drug development as it should be, generating uniquely powerful datasets and developing machine learning models to uncover the engineering principles that make precise, on-demand medicines possible – unconstrained by disease incidence and distribution.

Our Team
Christopher Hart, Ph.D. Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President Swagatam Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Nathan Billings, Ph.D. Chief Strategy Officer Monica McArthur, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer David Dimmock, M.D. Chief Medical Officer Jason Ferrone, JD General Counsel and Head of Corporate Development
Katherine Berman, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Katrina Bishop Laboratory Manager Amy Bouck, Ph.D. Director, Program and Product Management Allen Castro Research Associate Niu Du, Ph.D. Senior Bioinformatics Scientist Jamie Fagely Manager, HR and Operations Madeleine Frey Research Associate Maureen Hart, Ph.D. Director of Patient Advocacy, Policy, and External Engagement Linsley Kelly, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Steven Kuntz, Ph.D. Director of Bioengineering Jonathan Leung Staff Software Engineer Jesse Levitt, Ph.D. Senior Software Engineer Matthew Levy, Ph.D. Head of Targeting Technologies Chungwen Liang, Ph.D. Principal Scientist, Computation Science Bret Malsnee Head of Finance Tim Nicholson-Shaw, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Sidney Pan Software Engineer Sankha Pattanayak, Ph.D. Director of Chemistry David Pekker, Ph.D. Director of Theory Meenakshi Ravichandran, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Rafael Renteria, Ph.D. Senior Neuroscientist Amanda Reyes Research Associate Samrat Roy, Ph.D. Senior Neuroscientist George Samaan, Ph.D. Research Scientist Jeyaprakashnarayanan (JP) Seenisamy, Ph.D. Head, India Operations Megan Swim, Ph.D. Principal Scientist Reetu Thakur, Ph.D. Research Scientist Ruben Valas, Ph.D. Principal Bioinformatics Scientist Matthew Warner, Ph.D. Principal Scientist
Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital David Fajgenbaum, M.D., MBA Board Observer and Company Advisor Christopher Hart, Ph.D. Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President Dennis Langer, M.D., J.D. Swagatam Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Kiersten Stead, Ph.D., MBA, DCVC Bio
Barbara Englehardt, Ph.D. Manolis Kellis, Ph.D. Rob Spitale, Ph.D. Ryan Taft, Ph.D. Barbara Wold, Ph.D.