Reimagining drug
development as it should be.

From drug discovery to drug engineering.

Creyon Bio is reinventing drug development from the ground up and making on-demand oligonucleotide therapeutics possible. With powerful, purpose-built data sets to drive efficient creation of machine learning models, we engineer oligonucleotide-based medicines (OBMs) for safe, precise gene-centric therapies with unprecedented speed and predictable efficacy and safety. Itu0026rsquo;s a groundbreaking modular approach that slashes costs for new medicines whether treating disease impacting one patient or millions.

Our Approach

Delivering gene-centric medicines in time to make a difference.

With partnerships ranging from industry to patient advocates and policymakers, we are working together to build a faster, more cost-effective path to medicines for those who need them most.

Our Work

We dare to color outside the lines.

Our multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists, and computational scientists is tackling the drug development challenge from all angles.

Our Team

Build a better world of drug development.

Are you ready to be a Creyoneer? Build a faster, more streamlined, and more equitable process for creating new medicines with us.

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